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Portsmouth Olde Towne

With its light red brick sidewalks shaded by ancient trees and its neoclassical style white houses, Portsmouth Olde Towne cannot but be love at first sight.  One of the oldest American seaport cities, this beautiful Virginian town is featured with a famous seawall and many historic buildings, stately palaces and public museums.  A lively downtown…

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What makes a Building Historic in Virginia?

We often read that Virginia is one of the richest states in historic buildings of the US. But what exactly is an historic building? Intuitively, we think of something very old. However, age is not sufficient, as there are some few other requirements to fulfill. Luckily, Virginia Law helps owners to give an answer to…

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What Are Historic Districts?

Norfolk has twelve historic districts (5 of them are designated locally) and Chesapeake has ten nationally registered historic districts, which makes them two of the richest American towns in historic buildings. But what are historic districts? And what does it imply to be the owner of a building or home inside these special zones? A…

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