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What Are Historic Districts?

Norfolk has twelve historic districts (5 of them are designated locally) and Chesapeake has ten nationally registered historic districts, which makes them two of the richest American towns in historic buildings. But what are historic districts? And what does it imply to be the owner of a building or home inside these special zones? A…

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Brian Charles Films

Brian Charles Films does beautiful aerial photography, real estate, weddings, commercials, and more! Brian Kunz and Charles Townsend 757-559-4745 Chesapeake, VA

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Ten Best Practices to Hire a Competent and Reliable Contractor

Ten Best Practices to Hire a Competent and Reliable Contractor If you own a home, sooner or later you will need to hire a contractor to fix something broken in your house, an urgent repair, updating, or for those general home upkeep jobs that you are not able to find the time for.  However, hiring…

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Tenant Rights and Responsibilities in Virginia

What does it mean to sign a lease for a home or apartment in Virginia? The relationship between tenants and landlords is regulated by the “Virginia Residential Landlord and tenant Act” of 1974 (, in some federal laws, and in many local statutes and regulations. On signing a lease, you must be aware that you…

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Is Your Property in a Flood Zone? How to Find Out and What to do About it

Flooding is one of the most occurring natural disasters facing homeowners in the Hampton Roads area and many other areas in the United States. As a homeowner, your property may be at risk of water damage. Two things you can do to evaluate your risk are look at the flood zone map, and determine the…

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Your Relocation to the Norfolk Area: To Rent or to Buy Your New House?

The time of your permanent change of station to Norfolk/Virginia Beach has come and you have to relocate. Now, the great question is: to rent or buy your new house? Both options have their pros and cons. In a nutshell, renting means no maintenance costs (because it’s built into your rent), while buying is convenient…

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Coming to Live in Hampton Roads

Coming to live in Hampton Roads could be the right move for those who appreciate a life style that combines the opportunity to enjoy the peace and calm of one of the most beautiful US countryside with the excitement and thrills of urban life. This is the direct result of Hampton Roads’ geographical and anthropological…

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The Charm of Bleached Wood: Informal Interiors for Cozy People

Bleached wood is a material that evokes the happy memories of a child in his grandparents’ country house, or a long sandy beach where some few white wooden cottages peek out beyond the dunes- the only companions of the albatross and the silence. Especially white bleached wood has the unique power to create bright, informal…

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Short Sale

A short sale is an option that involves selling your home for a less amount than the one owed to the mortgage company. The net proceeds from the property sales usually fall short of the debts, and in this case, the lender agrees to this arrangement since the homeowner is unable to pay off their…

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