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Portsmouth Olde Towne

With its light red brick sidewalks shaded by ancient trees and its neoclassical style white houses, Portsmouth Olde Towne cannot but be love at first sight.  One of the oldest American seaport cities, this beautiful Virginian town is featured with a famous seawall and many historic buildings, stately palaces and public museums.  A lively downtown…

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How and Where to Rent Your Summer House in Virginia Beach

With its long white beaches of fine sand, Virginia Beach is a top destination for tourists in the US.  Over 13 million people visited this beautiful seaside town in 2015 (source, Smith Travel Research), and the trend is on the increase. This is not surprising at all: Virginia Beach has really got what it takes…

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Five Easy Tips to Choose the Best Color for your New Furniture

When the time to replace furniture has come at last, or you just need new furniture after a move, we often get confused on what color to choose.  My first suggestion is that you should have a look at the context where you are going to place your new piece of furniture.  In fact, the…

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Six Great Tips to Have Smooth Relationships with People Around you and Save Money too!

Homeowners have to deal with many people, from contractors to tenants to everyone else.  Unfortunately, human relations are not an easy matter, as you have probably already learned from your past experiences. Misunderstandings and battles can make you pay a high price, especially if you end up in front of a court. So, how to…

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Cork Furniture and Cork Flooring, a New Trend in Green Design

Healthy and beautiful, cork is not confined to the wine industry anymore. In the last decade, this green material has been increasingly utilized by interior designers, to the point that cork flooring and cork furniture are becoming trendy today. Its raw appearance immediately reminds us nature, and its granular texture is decorative in itself. Cork…

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Laminate Flooring Pros and Cons

Laminate flooring has been growing in popularity both in Europe and the US in the last several years. To have a quick idea of the success of this relatively new technology, consider that the global market for laminate flooring is expected to reach over 1.9 billion square yards by 2020 (source: Global Industry Analysis,…

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Make Your Home Renovation Green

Thinking to renovate your home? Please do consider going green. Not only do you help to protect the planet through the utilization of eco-friendly green materials, but you will also save a lot of money in the long run. Although the upfront costs of a green home renovation can be a bit higher, owners are…

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Flooring: Ceramic Tiles or Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

You are so ready for home renovation, now you have been asked to choose between ceramic and vinyl tiles for your flooring by the vendor/contractor. So, what to answer? Appearance may not be the deciding factor, as luxury vinyl tiles perfectly match the calming look of hardwood or luxurious look of ceramic tiles today. Actually,…

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What makes a Building Historic in Virginia?

We often read that Virginia is one of the richest states in historic buildings of the US. But what exactly is an historic building? Intuitively, we think of something very old. However, age is not sufficient, as there are some few other requirements to fulfill. Luckily, Virginia Law helps owners to give an answer to…

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