Menomonie, the 15th Best Small Town in America

Why choose Menomonie as a place to live?  It’s simple- because of its high quality of life!  Dunn County, Wisconsin, of which this town is the county seat, features stunningly beautiful landscapes, many historic buildings and memories, and the vibrant cultural scene provided by the University of Wisconsin.  Criminality is very low (City Data index is 152 against 288 of the US), with no murders in the latest years, and the levels of pollution far below the US average (source: City of Menomonie Demographics). There are no dangerous areas, while the fertile Wisconsin-plateau assures Menomonie all the necessary resources for healthy agriculture.

There is a reason why this city was appointed as the 15th best small town in America by Smithsonian magazine in 2012.  Menomonie is the happy medium for those who love the countryside but do not wish to lose the many facilities and services of the big towns. With its spectacular theaters, many sports events, summer open-air concerts, breweries and wineries and lots of outdoor activities this lovely small place is perfectly able to provide you with all the recreation you need to live happily.  The downtown offers over 200 retailers from jewelry stores to fashion clothes boutiques; the near Menomonie Lake provides trekkers and bikers with one of the most beautiful natural sceneries of Wisconsin, and golf lovers have over seven golf facilities spread out in the beautiful countryside around the town.

Like in any rural place, expect yourself to have kind and respectful people as neighbors and the unique lazy atmosphere of an authentic mid-west small town.  This does not mean that there are not any job opportunities in this area; Menomonie is well connected to the rest of the state by a huge network of roads and not far from the urban areas of Eau Claire and the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The unemployment rate was estimated at only 4.70% in 2016, with an expectation of future job growth of 36% over the next ten years (source: Menomonie page).  If you get sick or have an accident, it is easy to find specialized medical facilities, as there are three hospitals in the area. Education is provided by the local high school and the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Despite its small size, Menomonie offers a huge variety of housing that range from old farms and cozy wooden cottages sunk in the green landscape to historic buildings to condos in a modern urban development.  In other words, it is easy to find the house of your dreams in this green county. Prices vary from around $70,000 for a studio to $200.000 (2017) for a two floor cottage with nice yard with trees all around.  Rents range from $500 to $2000 per month depending on the type of housing.

The US is full of nice small towns to live; you have just to find them.  Not only can our team actively help you to find the best place for you and the house of your dreams, but we can also give support in every detail throughout the process, from loans and banking to restoration and furnishing.  Please feel free to contact us for further information by phone or email.

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