How and Where to Rent Your Summer House in Virginia Beach

With its long white beaches of fine sand, Virginia Beach is a top destination for tourists in the US.  Over 13 million people visited this beautiful seaside town in 2015 (source, Smith Travel Research), and the trend is on the increase. This is not surprising at all: Virginia Beach has really got what it takes to make every visitor happy, as it offers a plenty of thrilling activities that make your day full of lively and unforgettable moments.  From simply laying in the sun to enjoying a vibrant nightlife, Virginia Beach is able to assure visitors a unique experience that entices them to keep coming back.

Renting a resort room, house or apartment is the natural solution to find comfortable accommodation for many tourists. The typical summer house in the area of Virginia Beach is an elegant wooden cottage arranged on two or three floors with a small garden around, usually by the seaside.  It is possible to rent the whole building or just a portion, depending on the individual landlord.  Some of these cottages are historic buildings.  They are usually furnished and with full eat-in kitchen and other comforts of home.

There is also a huge availability of mansions, which makes Virginia Beach quite unique in the American tourist scene- with great gardens, luxurious furniture and many rooms.  Naturally, the prices are higher than ordinary housing, but not so high to make renting a mansion impossible.  For example, with a budget of $1000 you could find very nice places, especially out of the tourist season.  So, if you plan to live as a millionaire at least one week in your life, Virginia Beach is the right place to go.

Despite its name, Virginia Beach does not mean only sandy beaches and streets full of racket at night. The county offers a huge variety of landscapes and different environmental areas.  If you love nature, the rural area of Pongo could be a great destination for your holiday in the green.  For those who desire serenity, there is a huge availability of cottages by the sea located far away from town, in places where there are only seagulls, the silence and the breeze of the ocean to keep you company.  Extreme holiday lovers could find it thrilling to spend a period in the real wildlife wandering through the wild, deserted areas around the Back Bay.

How to find a comfortable and inexpensive accommodation in Virginia Beach?  First, much depends on who you are.  A group of friends or families could find it more convenient to rent a whole house, while couples without children, singles or individual travelers would probably opt for a room in one of the hundreds of nice resorts or hotels by the seaside.

If you are coming to Virginia Beach with your whole family, renting a house is still the best solution both in terms of comfort and price, especially if you have children.  The price of a house or unit for 4 – 6 people ranges from $1400 to $3000 per week, depending on several factors, like the location and the level of luxury of the building.  A double room in a Hotel generally ranges from $60 to $200 per day, and especially small children are not always welcome in this kind of structure.  Consider also that most resorts offer the same facilities of four/five stars hotels, like heated pools, air conditioning, cable TV, internet, etc.  Therefore, the difference between staying in a house or in a hotel is not a big factor.

Promotions and discounts are possible and frequent, especially in the off season.  The trick is to be patient and to search for the right occasion. If you do not want to do this job yourself, we will be glad to help you to find the accommodation of your dreams and to negotiate on your behalf.  Please feel free to call us for information.

Photo credit and additional info: virginia-beach-makes-top-10-list-of-best-u-s-beachesor-families/