Tips for Maximizing Space

Most of us have problems with not enough storage or trying to make space feel larger. Here are some helpful and easy ways to maximize any size space.
1. Spring Cleaning
Even if it is not spring take time to go through a clear the clutter. If you haven’t worn or used it in a year get rid of it. There are many charities you can call that will even come pick donations up for you! This will free up a lot of space for the things you do use and need daily. For things that you just can’t bear to part with but don’t use consider renting a storage space.

2. Lighting
More natural light can make a room feel larger. Although adding a window can be tough and expensive, sometimes a skylight is an easier and still effective way to get that natural light without breaking the bank. Light colors and fixtures can help make a space feel more open as well. That doesn’t mean you are stuff with plain white walls. Instead try a warm tan color or change the light bulbs to colored to change the feeling of a room. Having darker floors with lighter walls will also make the space feel larger.
3. Bring the Living Space Outside
Arrange a seating area on the patio. Make the shed into a workshop or “hangout space.” Moving the lounge area to the outdoors gives you almost unlimited freedom of space with having to spend much on an addition or major renovation.