Conversation Pits: The Return of a Groovy Hangout Space

As our phones settle into the couch next to us for our favorite Netflix show, they overpower the human conversation. A lot of current home decorations are trying to bring that back– like the comeback of the 1960s conversation pit.

Source: Go Retro!

The conversation pit is an arrangement of built-in couches around a sunken area of the floor, which is typically the center focus of a living room. They were originally popular from the 50s to the 70s, and most likely went out of style because of the growing popularity of the television. Conversation pits can range from being brightly colored to darkly colored to boldly colored, and every color scheme in between. However, the basic shape of the square hole and the surrounding seating hasn’t changed much in the last fifty years.
Along with the comeback of making a big hole in the floor is the hope that the dynamic of a job meeting or a family get-together will become more personal (and groovy, of course!), and it will bring people closer together than paint to a wall. Well, maybe not that close.