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Successfully Staged

Laura and her team have staged multiple homes for us! Laura Alexandra 757-652-9537

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Quartz vs. granite

What do you think of when you think of quartz?  I think of some of the cool rocks we’d find on those long summer days outside exploring.  I think of mines- chipping and blasting rocks.  I also think of counter tops! Do you automatically think of granite? Quartz used to have a bit of a…

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10 Things You Should Know (or do) Before You Buy Your First Home

1. There is no age restriction. As long as you have the cash (and possibly a co-signer) you are good to go. 2. The time, and circumstances, need to be right for you. Credit card debt? No steady job? Maybe rethinking getting that cute little property would be the best option right now. But if…

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Gust Ln

This cute little bungalow was sitting there with no functioning systems at all. We totally renovated the home and added new kitchen, HVAC, hot water heater, updated the electrical system, repaired and added plumbing, flooring, and restored the foundation. You can see a video walk-through here:

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Conversation Pits: The Return of a Groovy Hangout Space

As our phones settle into the couch next to us for our favorite Netflix show, they overpower the human conversation. A lot of current home decorations are trying to bring that back– like the comeback of the 1960s conversation pit. The conversation pit is an arrangement of built-in couches around a sunken area of the…

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Tips for Maximizing Space

Most of us have problems with not enough storage or trying to make space feel larger. Here are some helpful and easy ways to maximize any size space. 1. Spring Cleaning Even if it is not spring take time to go through a clear the clutter. If you haven’t worn or used it in a…

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Damyien Arch

This townhouse had been vacant a while when we bought it. We breathed fresh life into it with a new roof, new windows, new flooring, a renovated kitchen, and fresh paint throughout! 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms

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Phillips Av

The original home on this site was badly damaged by termites, had a cracked foundation, and had asbestos throughout the home. We decided it was appropriate to carefully dispose of the asbestos and demolish the old structure and build a new home. We used sustainable safe materials and built a well-insulated, efficient home. You can…

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Laura Jeanne Design LLC

Home Staging with their items or yours Laura Jeanne Design LLC Laura Jeanne 757-404-0270

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