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Why we do what we do- trending now!

Isn’t it interesting how much things can change and evolve? For home design trends, to the latest fads, to website maintenance and blogging, for running a business, marketing, everything digital, and so much more! For us, we must pay close attention to smart durable and reliable home design trends that people LOVE and family needs…

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Quartz vs. granite

What do you think of when you think of quartz?  I think of some of the cool rocks we’d find on those long summer days outside exploring.  I think of mines- chipping and blasting rocks.  I also think of counter tops! Do you automatically think of granite? Quartz used to have a bit of a…

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Tips for Maximizing Space

Most of us have problems with not enough storage or trying to make space feel larger. Here are some helpful and easy ways to maximize any size space. 1. Spring Cleaning Even if it is not spring take time to go through a clear the clutter. If you haven’t worn or used it in a…

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