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Coming to Live in Hampton Roads

Coming to live in Hampton Roads could be the right move for those who appreciate a life style that combines the opportunity to enjoy the peace and calm of one of the most beautiful US countryside with the excitement and thrills of urban life. This is the direct result of Hampton Roads’ geographical and anthropological…

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How and Why to Improve the Energy Efficiency of your House

Energy efficiency is the classic topic that comes up especially when it’s time to renovate your place, or when you are buying a new house. Should you really care about energy efficiency? And if the answer is yes, what specific measures you need to take to implement an efficient power saving system? Last, is an…

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Solar Power on Your Roof: FAQs

What kinds are there? The most common method is solar panels, but now Tesla’s got solar roofing tiles. How much do they cost? It differs depending on who’s installing them (Solar Panels Plus here in Hampton Roads offers them at $2.99 per watt installed), but the national average cost can be as high as $7-9…

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